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Yoo Changhyun,

Where do I even being with this kid…..
He came out of nowhere a few years ago and smack me in my poor noona heart with a ridiculous amount of feels.

Ricky, you are such a wonderful,adorable and caring person with such a big heart. You are have a beautiful voice that I demand T.O.P Media allow you to show off more.

Though I rather live in denial and think you will stay squishy/adorable forever the truth is you’re becoming more handsome everyday. Occasionally you become sexy and that is not okay. It’s too much for my heart. So none of that.

Happy Birthday Ricky. I hope your day is amazing.


140222 TEEN TOP(틴탑) World Tour in Seoul Talk 4 (니엘 Focus)
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Niel: I was very nervous when I was doing my solo stage. So, I made a lot of mistakes.

changjo: Is that so?

l. Joe: Why? The dancer noona was very good.

Niel: That’s not it. 

Ricky: It’s definitely the influence of visiting the night club often.

Niel: Ahahaha. Everyone, I don’t go to night clubs.

Fans: eeeeeeey~

Niel: Fine, I went once.

Niel: It was because my celebrity friend invited me to his birthday party.

Niel: I went, but it was just so-so.

Niel: It was way different than my fantasy.

Changjo: Why? Last time, you said you had a blast.

Niel: I did?

Changjo: Yes.

Niel: Oh yes! Ricky, you went to the club!

l. joe: Seriously?

Niel: It turns out he visited the night club just awhile ago.

l. joe: Really?

Ricky: Honestly, I did go for the first time. But, I was really scared. The atmosphere was….

Niel: Isn’t it a bit different than what you imagined?

Ricky: Everyone who is under aged, I’ll tell you: If you go visit a night club, you’ll see how scary it is. I don’t think I’ll be able to go again because it’s so scary.

Niel: I think it’s more fun to turn on the music in our practice room and dancing. 

Changjo: That’s right.

L. Joe: It seems Chunji hyung finished preparing. 

Changjo: shall we get started?

Niel: We will sing, L. Joe hyung’s song, Love U. 

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